Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sew, so...?

Recently, I was in to sewing. I havent sew for quite sometime. It was my mom, who tought me to sew. Then I began to sew simple things like doll skirt, pouch, fabric bags en my very own cloth.

It's start when the 'batik-boom' hits my web community, it's basically a simple square bolero,but the hype was soooooo tremendously, people have to 'fight' in order to get that piece of thing, coz the seller only release a few pieces like 5 or 6 items per week.

After looking the bolero, i was thingking "hey, this is an easy peasy....i can make this..." so i grab my 'Garutan' Batiks (the kind of Batik originally comes from West Java) cut it into 4 pieces (1 fabric of batiks usually have 1,05mx2m in measure) then sew it together, make an armholes very own square batik bolero :)

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